01—Yewno Brand Identity, Branding & Strategy

Transforming Information to Knowledge

02—Congress Now, Mobile App

Increasing Legislative Transparency

03—Pentagram Remixed, Exhibition Typography

明日體™ / Ming Romantic™ at the 7th Ningbo International Design Biennial

04—Ohne Titel at the Arnhem Mode Biennale, Environmental Graphics

An Experience of Sound, Light, and Texture

05—Translations, Experimental Design Seminar

Generating New Aesthetic Forms

06—The Edible Rooftop, Interactive

A Community for Hong Kong Urban Farmers

07—明日體 / Ming Romantic™, Typeface

A re-imagined, modern typeface for the Chinese script

08—Stillspotting, Interactive Data Visualization

Mapping Noise

09—Yewno: When Ideas Meet, Digital Product Campaign

Brand Building in Higher Ed

10—Alphabet Topography, Typeface

The Form of Language

11—Swell, Typeface & Installation

Acquiring a Physical Presence

12—Praha, Typeface

A Digital Revival

13—Sky Map, Interactive

The Passing of the Sun

14—Borders, Posters

Borders Between Nations

15—The Wind, Interactive

Wind Around the World

16—CMS, Interactive

A Content Management System for Notes and Images

17—In Medias Res, Publication

Connecting Shifting Language and Meaning

18—1 of 1, Poster

Reflexive Systems

19—Shifts, Poster

Shadow and Light

20—Shadow Play, Installation

Distinguishing One Object from Another

21—Retrospecta, Publication

Recording a Year’s Activities