Retrospecta, Publication
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Retrospecta, Publication

Retrospecta is the annual publication of the Yale School of Architecture documenting the year's activities and projects. 2009's theme was that of the reoccupation of Rudolph Hall, a mid-century Brutalist building on Yale's campus. The gravity of the buildings exterior gives way to highly structured but warm interior. Tactile materials and printing processes were used to capture the stolidity of the buildings exterior. For the inside of the book, material is organized by floor with full spreads of the buildings most unique characteristic: orange carpeting. A mechanical, typewriter typeface is set in classical style and juxtaposed with a revival of 1950s geometric sans-serif. The result is an echo of the idiosyncratic themes found in the building's architectural style and the vision of its architect, Paul Rudolph.

A collaboration with Ke Cao


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