The Chinese Type Archive, Web App
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The Chinese Type Archive, Web App

The Chinese Type Archive is a volunteer-run, open data resource aiming to help designers looking to use Chinese typography in their work. The archive uses a broad collections approach with the aim of capturing design history and fostering the dialogue, use, and evolution of Chinese typography in a globalized context.

Because many historic Chinese typefaces were un-named or named after the printer, the archive includes conventional names and more importantly, a stable ID number to help designers differentiate and use them with more ease. The archive also includes links to resources in libraries and a growing database of evolving typographic concepts.

Editors: Mac Wang, Stephanie Winarto
Contributors: Mi Chen, Antoinette Chow, Karen Kwan, Jack Rieger, Dustin Tong, Yige Wang, Yifei Wang, and Haitong Zheng
With Support by: AIGA Design Educators Community Grant, Parsons School of Design


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